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Oliver´s skinbased skiing

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Service provided by the Outdoor Passion Finland Oy

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Oliver Chalets has announced 2019 partnership with the outdoor activity service provider in Ruka, Outdoor Passion Finland Oy.


You need to have your own winter outdoor clothing suitable for the occurring weather conditions. If you have additional questions or help concerning clothing, please, contact Outdoor Passion Finland in advance and we will help you! Ski touring with OAC skinbased skis is suitable for beginners and for all who want to explore outdoors. Age limit is 12 yrs and children need to be accompanied by their guardian. Please, give us a notice, if you have younger kids. We can arrange a private departure for families and take a covered ski-sledge for the small ones.


Outdoor Passion Finland Oy offers for Oliver Chalets customers 10% discount of service list prices.


To receive the discount please call or email.

Please be prepared to provide the cabin reservation confirmation for the service provider.

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